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Annual Inspections

This is a thorough and comprehensive inspection of your vehicle, particularly suitable for vehicles of low annual mileage or which are in storage.  Areas which we inspect are:

  • Exterior

  • Interior

  • Electrical/lighting system

  • Fluid levels

  • Windscreen/wipers/glass

  • Engine bay

  • Suspension

  • Braking system

  • Wheels and tires

  • Drive train

  • Road test

We will provide you with a summary report listing our observations, recommended works and advisories.

black and white photo of a Porsche engine dropped out below the car on a lift.

Maintenance Services

  • BMW Inspection 1, Inspection 2

  • Vehicle Check – a comprehensive vehicle inspection per BMW factory guidelines

  • Porsche 10/20/40k services

  • Audi Minor and Standard maintenance services

  • Timing belt replacement

  • 100,000 mile service 

  • Engine oil service

  • Annual inspections

  • Cooling system service

  • Brake fluid service

  • Brake service and replacement

  • Automatic transmission fluid and filter service

  • Manual transmission fluid service

  • Differential fluid service

  • Transfer case fluid service

  • Spark plug replacement

  • Microfilter replacement

  • Engine air filter replacement

  • Fuel filter replacement

  • AC and heat service

  • Battery check/replacement

  • Engine repair

  • Suspension repair

Diagnostic Services

Dealer-Level Diagnostic Systems

  • Instrument cluster warning light diagnostics

  • Computer diagnostics (Check Engine light, Service Engine Soon, transmission warnings, ABS brakes, brake linings, tire pressure, etc.)

  • Engine drivability diagnosis

  • Electrical system diagnostics

  • Wiring repairs

  • Control module software updates

  • Cooling system diagnostics / Overheating

  • Advanced suspension system diagnostics

Send us a message

Thanks for the message. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Or call us at (509) 242-3444.

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